Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products

We are ECO FLOW PURIFICATION W.L.L located in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Company that provides comprehensive solutions for Water, & Environmental Technologies Business. Whether you are anticipating to have a New Water (or) rather Reengineering/Upgrading/ Refurbishing an Existing plants, Operation & Maintenance Solutions, Chlorination, Spare Parts or Chemical Supplies; ECO FLOW ARE PROUDLY THERE FOR YOU!!

Whole house filters

Eco flow purification W.L.L! We are a leading provider of high-quality water treatment solutions…


Water softeners are devices used to remove minerals and other impurities from hard water…

Domestic Ro Systems& Hot,cold Dispencer

Our Eco flow domestic reverse osmosis system can remove contaminants such as bacteria,…

Commercial Ro System

Introducing our Eco flow commercial reverse osmosis (RO) system,…

Industrial Ro Plant

Eco flow purification W.L.L, we supply high-quality industrial RO systems…

Containerized Treatment Plant

Our Containerized Treatment Plant is a revolutionary solution that brings advanced water…

Gray Water Plant

Gray water plants are an excellent way to conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint.


we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality RO membranes for various water treatment

Wastewater Treatment System

Introducing our Eco flow commercial reverse osmosis (RO) system,…

Control Valves( Media & Softener )

Control valves are critical components in media and softener applications,..

Frp Filter Tanks

Eco Flow Purification W.L.L. is dedicated to providing a range of exceptionally easy-to-operate,

Chemical Solution Tanks & Commercial/industrial Brine Tanks

We offer a comprehensive range of chemical solution tanks and commercial/industrial brine

Commercial Water Pumps & Dosing System

Eco Flow Purification W.L.L. is a leading provider of commercial water pumps and dosing systems,

Water Disinfection Products (uv )

We offers a wide range of water disinfection products, particularly UV (Ultraviolet) systems,

Cartridge Filters & Housings

Our liquid cartridge filter housings that are meticulously designed and built to provide exceptional

Shower Filter

Our shower filter effectively eliminates chlorine, iron, and certain heavy metals,…

Filtration Media And Resin

Our water filtration media boasts exceptional quality, offering a remarkable capacity…,

Ro Chemicals

RO chemicals refer to the chemicals used in the process of  (RO) water treatment.